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Property Appraisal

If you would like our rental team to give you a no obligation market appraisal, please complete the form below and we will be in touch.

An end-to-end property management service you can depend on.

You can be assured our Property Management team is astute and well versed in local and industry knowledge. We manage properties of significant quality in Melbourne and they range between simple studio apartments, longer term furnished properties and luxury residences. By industry standards, each W & CO property manager only controls a small number of properties. Of course, this is a deliberate policy and ensures we are well placed to better protect your asset.


Dedicated Property Managers 

W & CO attracts people known as the finest in the industry. This is why our property management division is essentially a team of experts. Their extensive knowledge of the local market, industry legislation, and their considerable experience in the corporate relocation market allows us to deliver excellent results year after year.

Leasing Your Property

The sole focus of our highly trained and experienced leasing consultants is to assist with sourcing prospective tenants and the management of our prospective tenant database. We secure a quality tenant for your property in a timely manner. In many cases, we can lease your property off-market.

Managing Your Investment

One of the most rewarding aspects of managing property is watching each property achieve maximum returns and grow in capital value. Our in-depth knowledge of the local market and the global trends impacting market conditions ensures your property is leased at optimum rent levels and regularly reviewed.

At W & CO, we pride ourselves on personalised and expert property management services. We will treat you and your property with consideration, respect and care.


Preparing your own home for other people to rent is not as simple as just moving out and putting a for lease sign out the front.

There are several things you should consider before renting out your home:

·        Carry out any repairs to make sure your home is in tip top condition. A small repair or some maintenance now could save you a bigger problem in the future.

·        Think about what you will be leaving behind or letting the tenants use and make sure it’s in good working condition.

·        Before you rent out your property give it a good spring clean and make sure it’s sparkling. (including carpets/ curtains and blinds/ windows/ garbage bins/ garage and more)

·        New paint, carpet and light fittings can be a cheap but effective way to update a property. Our property manager can best advise you on your particular situation.

·        You’ll need to let your insurance company know you’re no longer living there and arrange landlord’s insurance.


Think about whether any aspect of your property might not meet current regulations or safety guidelines. Check the laws relevant to your property with your property manager.

Switching to WCO Property Management has never been easier!

Simply complete and sign managing agreement with us and return it to us and we will take care of everything else for you. You don’t even have to notify your current Agent, we will do that for you.

WCO will:

1.      Contact your current Real Estate Agency and advise we are taking over management. We will obtain a copy of all current documentation relating to the property, specifically any current tenants and tenancy agreements.

2.      Advise the Tenants that we are taking over as the Managing Agent

3.      Conduct an inspection of the property at the time we take it over and advise you of any anomalies between your previous Agents most recent inspection and the current condition of the property.

4.      Notify any relevant authorities of the transfer of management (e.g. Bond Board, Revenue Office, body corporate, water authority, city council and etc)

5.      Take the best possible care of your Property and Tenants moving forward so you never have to switch again!

If your property is tenanted we will not charge you a leasing fee, in fact we only charge leasing fees for new tenancies.

If you are unsure of your obligations, please contact us and we will review your current agreement and advise you on this.

We pride ourselves on being ethical, transparent and accountable. If you are considering switching to WCO because of dissatisfaction with the services provided by your current Agent we encourage you to contact them and try to resolve these in the first instance. If you have tried this and are still not satisfied then SWITCH now.

By making the switch to WCO, you are changing from a Real Estate Agency to a Specialist Property Management service provider and we are confident you will immediately see the difference in the services provided. We are sure you will be pleasantly surprised at the amount of information you have access to and the level of accountability we offers.

Contact us today and feel the difference

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As a landlord, what insurance do I need?

This depends on the type of property you are going to be renting out.

If your rental property is a house, you need Building Insurance AND Landlord Insurance. If your rental property is a unit within a complex and within an Owners Corporation you need Landlord insurance, (the Owners Corporation already have insurance cover for the building).

If your rental property is a townhouse you need Landlord insurance AND maybe Building Insurance –

you will need to check and see if there is an active Owners Corporation that insures the complex. Most 2 lot subdivisions will not have an active Owners Corporation and therefore you will need both Building and Landlord Insurance.

What is Landlord Insurance?

Landlord Insurance is to cover the rental income that your property earns, the contents of the property (carpets, blinds, underlays, light fittings and any other household items owned by you for the tenants use), public liability, malicious and accidental damage, pet damage and theft.

What is Building Insurance?

Building insurance is designed to protect the structure, fittings and fixtures of the building. If a tenant was cooking and accidentally set fire to your kitchen, you would be covered by your building policy. Building Insurance also covers standard perils such as storm, fire and impact damage.


When taking out Building Insurance you MUST ensure that the policy you are choosing covers damage caused to your building by a tenant. Many landlords make the mistake of taking a cheap House and Contents policy only to find that tenant damage is not covered. In most cases, if a tenant causes damage to your property, there will be damage caused to both the contents (carpets) AND the building (holes in walls).


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